Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Swimming Pool

I haven't been on my blog in a while.  What can I say I've had the summer itch.  I've been busy relaxing :)  It's true.  I've been busy relaxing in my pool.  We got a pool! I'm relaxing now because putting in a pool is truly a big job.  Here's a step by step guide to how we got ready to put up our pool.

Step One: Pick out and buy a pool.  We went with the ProSeries 16' X 48" Metal Frame Swimming Pool with Deluxe Kit from Walmart.

Step Two: Decide where in your yard it is going to go.  We picked the spot just in front of our kitchen seemed the least invasive spot and yet still in the private area of our yard.  So grateful we already had a fence!

Step Three: Determine how level your spot is.  Ours was off level by 4 inches from one side to the other.  The pool can handle a difference of 1 inch so we had some work to do.

Step Four: Stick a pole in the middle of your spot, and we attached a string to the pole 8 foot long, and attached the other end to a can of spray paint and walked in a circle.  Then we had a 16 foot round pool outlined on the ground. 

Step Five: Dig the edge of the pool out.  Here we wanted to get the digging process started because we realized we'd have to dig out the entire area and then level it out.

Step Six: Start digging by hand....then realize that's a terrible idea and rent a sod cutter


Step Six: Part B: Stop for Margaritas

Step Seven: Start more digging by hand and realize once again it's a bad idea! Rent a tiller.  And cheapo my husband rented the smallest tiller he could get and realized it makes the work a lot harder with a small tiller.

Step Eight: level out the dirt

Step Nine: Bring on the sand! Load sand, unload sand, and spread sand around, repeat until the whole area is covered in sand, then you'll have to level it out. 

Step Ten: After you have dug, dug and dug some more then leveled out and added sand and leveled out again it's time to actually put up the pool. hooray.

This is the finished product!  It actually took us 3 weekends to get the ground ready.  Now we're drifting along on the island (the big floaty in the middle) every chance we get.  Life is good.

Here's a picture of pepper getting ready for the pool.

Have fun this summer and God Bless

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Let's Lose It

            Ok so the original point of this blog was to log the journey of our (Adam and mine) weight loss.  But as weight loss goes we fell off the wagon and tried a what seemed like a million ideas for trying to lose it.  Most of these ideas were basically depravation, and as you know that doesn't work.  Or at least you have to have a lot more will power for depravation to work otherwise you starve yourself and then binge eat.  So that's what we've been trying for the last year or so.  And wouldn't you know it hasn't worked.  Even though we've failed in every way possible the most important part is that we haven't given up.  On June 24th this year I turned 30 and also hit a weight I wished to never see.  So after a couple days of binge eating my feelings (cause that always helps weight loss), I made a resolution to do something different. 

             I decided it was time to track what I eat.  Now we've done this before.  We actually had a log that we wrote in every day and during the time we tracked what we ate, we lost weight.  So I know it works.  But the thought of looking up all the calories was more than I wanted to do, so what was I to do?  There are plenty of websites and apps that are calorie counters so I did my research and I ended up finding LOSE IT!  I found the app first and started tracking what I ate.  I found the app really easy to use, and almost every food I've looked up I've found.  I liked it so much I told Adam about it.  I started on July 1st, and I've already lost 4lbs.  Adam being a man has already lost 7lbs.  Then we found the lose it! website.  So far we like both the App and the Website.

            As you get started on Lose It! you enter in your weight and height and all that kind of information and it sets up a daily calorie allotment for you.  Then it's pretty easy to start logging your food for the day. It's also really easy to log any exercise. There's a count that lets you know how many calories you've eaten, how many calories you've earned through exercising, and a net of how many calories you have left for the day.  It makes tracking what and how much you eat, really easy.  I hope if you're on a weight loss journey you don't give up and I hope this helped encourage you. 

God Bless,



Monday, July 7, 2014

What's keeping you busy

What has been consuming me lately.  Well other than enjoying my pool (seriously don't put a pool in if you want to get anything else done), I've been searching Pintrest for new recipes.  I'm having friends up in July and maybe August too and I'm looking for something new and exciting to share with them.  One recipe that kept coming up was for pizza dough.  I love pizza and anything I can do to make it healthier is a great thing.  Now I'm not sure who to give credit for this recipe because I found it so many different places, that I'm not sure who created it.  If you know, let me know and I'll give them credit.  Here's the big recipe....are you ready? 

1 Cup Greek Yogurt
1 Cup self rising flour

...yep that's it.  Only two ingredients. I had my doubts about this.  It sounds too easy to be true.  And too healthy to taste good, especially since I don't like Greek yogurt, and neither does Adam.  But my doubts aside I tried it.  It took 5 minutes to kneed, a minute to top with mozzarella, tomato, and basil and then 10 minutes in a 400 degree oven...and viola! It was really good.  Adam tried it, because he's a good husband and will try almost anything I make, and he was pleasantly surprised too!  This recipe is a winner.  Since I didn't want to share my pizza, Adam immediately made his own dough and in no time had his own pizza.  It was easy for both of us, and if we can do it, so can you.  The only thing we would say is that it takes more than 1 cup of flour, because you need a bit more to flour the surface.  And we will add a little salt to the dough.

But I can't wait to try different variations.  This would be so good with some rosemary in the crust, or maybe made into garlic cheese sticks.  I don't have a picture for you because....we ate it super fast.... I know bad blogger.  But I'm sure we'll make it again, in fact we have plans to try it on the grill.  So we'll you up to date on that process.  And I promise pictures next time :)

Happy baking!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday

I know I haven't been on the blog in a while.  I've been figuring things out.  I have posts ready for the future about the pool we just put in and I'll have a post about what we're up to this weekend.  But the reason I'm on the blog today is that it is my birthday.  And it's not just any birthday it's my 30th!!!!! Wow I'm old ha!

I promise to have an update soon on all the birthday festivities just as soon as possible. 

Have a blessed day