Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our Life in Lego: Engaged!

Monday, August 31, 2015

It's that time day.

Hello all,

We had a very uneventful weekend.  Which was nice.  It proved to be the recharge I think Adam needed.
And apparently Pepper needed a day of rest too :)

I heard on the radio the other day about Divine chocolate and how they are a fair trade company helping people in Ghana have a better life.  So I've been looking for it and finally found in at Meijer.  They had a couple of different varieties, I chose this one.
This was so good!  And yes it is a little more expensive than some other candy bars, but it's fair trade and to me that's worth more.  I will be trying their other flavors soon.

So a silly story about Adam.  I had asked him to pick up a couple of things from the grocery store for me and when he asked me if I needed anything else I randomly told him to pick up the weirdest thing he could find under $1.  Here is what he found for me.

Um, I said weirdest thing, not the most awesome thing he could find. :)

Here's a close up on the charm which is a cute little octopus.
I love this silly little bracelet.

And even though it's too small for me to wear it will hang on my cork board over my desk.  And if you think this is cute there are like 8 others with different charms you can collect.  

As far as food goes this week; we're using up leftovers.  We have a bunch of chicken breasts so I baked and shredded them then added taco seasoning.  Then just chopped up some veggies and shredded some cheese to go with them.  And this week we can have either tacos, salad or nachos with all our taco fixings.

Meals for this week:
Chicken tacos
Leftover fish and veggies
Leftover steak and veggies

And this week I'm going to be experimenting with homemade Ramen, so look forward to that for next weeks food. 

For now I'm hoping you all have a great week.

Keep cooking-

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Food Day

Well I'm back in fighting form.  I woke up this morning feeling much better and I think my back is almost back to normal.  Here in Fort Wayne I have my choice of places to by food.  I tend to shop at Wal-Mart for one's the cheapest.  But the thing with Wal-Mart is the clientele is not always...what's the nicest word....classy.  Almost every trip there involved some child screaming and some parent just not giving a hoot.  So I started going earlier in the day 9/10 am and there were less people to deal with but I kept running into mobs of Wal-Mart associates who didn't give a fig that they were taking up an entire aisle and I had to wade through them to get a freaking bottle of juice. *deep breath*

So I tried a different Wal-Mart, that's right same store different location.  And the difference is startling.  I googled it these stores are 4.8 miles apart.  But the more northern store is cleaner, more open and friendlier.  It's weird but true.  The first time I did my daily shopping here I also stopped by the butcher nearby Jamieson's.  There the butcher talked to me and asked me about my weekend. It was perfectly civil.  It made me feel like I lived in a small town again.  I told Adam it was the most civilized morning I had ever had.  So that's my routine now.  North Wal-Mart and a trip to the butcher's.  I've now been to the butcher's enough that the cashier knows me and says hi and asks me what I'm doing that day.  Kudos to these people for making my day start off so nicely.

Normally I pick up one pound of bacon for one of our weekend breakfast/brunches.  This week I decided to pick up some chorizo.  I've recently been introduced to chorizo by some of the Fort Wayne food trucks.  It's a Mexican sausage, and it's wonderful.  So when I saw it last week I knew I'd have to make something to go with it.  

Enter the easiest rice and beans recipe ever.  I have no idea where I got this recipe it's on one of my recipe cards.  The best part of this recipe is it's a crock pot recipe.

2 cans of beans (pinto, white, kidney bean)
1 cup of rice
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 TBS olive oil
S & P
put in the the crock pot on low for 6 hours.

Our meals for the week are:

Rice and Beans and Chorizo

Baked Chicken and veggies

Steak or Hot Dog and veggies

Ok let me explain.  The steak is for Adam the Hot Dogs are for me.  Adam hates Hot Dogs and so I never buy them, but I was craving them.  So I got all beef ones for my meat this week.  I know how sophisticated am I? ha ha.

I waited for Adam to get home to do the grilling.  He grilled up the Chorizo, Steak and Hot Dogs.  mmm love the smell of grilling.

This is Pepper saying, "stop with the pictures and throw the ball!"

Here's some of our meals; Adam's steak and my hot dogs.

And here's our rice and beans with chorizo....which turned out to be really good.

A little bit of hard work pays off for the whole week.

Keep Cooking-

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Monday Monday

Even though I'm not working right now Monday still fills me with dread.  It really doesn't help that I threw out my back yesterday.  It used to be I would do something stupid (ie, lifting something too heavy) and then my back would hurt for days.  Now I'm old enough that all I did was sleep wrong.  I woke up yesterday with a pinched nerve in my lower back and today I'm still hobbling around the house living off of Tylenol Equate Pain Reliever (I'm cheap and old, ha!).  And pour Pepper doesn't understand she can't lean against me like she loves to do.  She's currently sulking on the floor because I won't let her on the couch...spoiled dog.

I've said all this to explain why I don't have my Food Day blog ready.  I'm all prepared I have our meals planned and my shopping list ready to go, but I'm afraid if I somehow manage to hobble to Wal-Mart I'll hurt my back so bad I won't be able to get home.  So today is a rest day...and it's frustrating on one of the few days of the week I like to be productive to just sit here.  But I'll live.

Here's hoping one more rest day will help me fully recover.  And hopefully tomorrow I'll be up and getting my food prepared for the week.  I'll post our meals as soon as I can.

God Bless-

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Biographies, Autobiographies, and Memoirs. Oh my.

So last week I shared about my love of reading.  And I thought I'd tell another story from my youth, before we get to this week's books.   As you can well imagine always having a nose in a book didn't make me very popular.  I was Belle and the world was Gaston (that's a Beauty and the Beast reference for you non Disney fans).  Outcast in a world even before tablets made paper books a thing of yesteryear, but MTV was popular and so was cable, books were not.  After my brief (ie my entire childhood leading up to high school) quest to be accepted by the cool crowd, I finally found welcoming arms with the rest of the geeks and nerds and learned to live a happy existence there, and still do.  Reading wasn't my only roadblock to being popular, the real problem was I wasn't good at...anything.  I didn't excel at school work, I was average maybe even a little above average, but not excellent.  Oh and sports, I absolutely stunk at sports.  Until the summer before high school I was battling one other girl to be the shortest kid in our class.  I was plagued with the thought that I would go through life never excelling at anything.

That all changed when our school started the Accelerated Readers program.  If I remember right we did it from 3rd to 5th grade, but that was some time ago so I'm a bit fuzzy on all the details.  What I do remember was books were grouped into different levels depending on the degree of difficulty.  You'd pick a book in your level, read it, and then take a quiz on the computer and then depending on how many questions you got right and the level of book it was you'd be awarded points.  You could then trade your points in for small prizes: erasers, book marks, small toys that sort of thing.  The more points the better the prize.  And this is how old I am, there were three 5th grade classes in our school and all three classes shared one computer.  We'd have to wait until it got wheeled into our classroom to be able to take our quizzes.  And here's where I learned that I did have at least one talent.  I could read fast, and since we didn't watch much t.v. I read a lot.  I actually had so many points I could get any prize I wanted and ended up winning several trophies for having the most points.  For a brief moment I was the best at something, and it really meant the world to me.  Though looking back I can imagine receiving a trophy for reading in front of the whole school didn't help with my quest for popularity.  But it didn't matter to me.  It just boosted my love of reading.

During those Accelerated Reading days I had read through our school library's section of adventure books and started looking for something else to read.  That's when I happened upon biographies of famous people in history.  Some that still stick out to me are Harriet Tubman, Ben Carson, Florence Nightingale, and Abe Lincoln.  I had always struggled to find History exciting, but reading these stories made history exciting and interesting.  I quickly found a love of people's stories.  It's still so interesting to me to see how people came to be famous, or infamous depending on the person.

So recently when I was looking for something to read I fell back into old but good habits and picked up some biographies/ autobiographies.  Since my true passion in life is theatre and acting I'm drawn to stories about Actors.  And as I've mentioned we didn't watch a lot of t.v. growing up and what we did watch was mostly old stuff that didn't offend my parents strict moral code.  While everyone else watched MTV we were watching Bonanza and Brady Bunch reruns.  One of the shows we had a on tape (that's right VHS) was I Love Lucy.  That show is timeless.  I watched those tapes until they wore out.  I, like so many, fell in love with Lucille Ball.  Her comedic timing is dazzling and I grew up wanting to be her.  So it would make sense that my first Actor Memoir would be:

I love autobiographies because it's like being best friends with your favorite people.  I'm enamored with Lucille Ball and to hear about her life in her own words feels so intimate and special.  Anyone who grew up appreciating her show(s) will enjoy this walk through her life.

And what else were we allowed to watch as kids?  The Dick Van Dyke show!  So I jumped when I saw his autobiography at Half Price Books.

Reading his book I learned something about myself.  I learned that the reason I like reading actor autobiographies is because I want to know how they did it.  I want to know how they achieved their goals, and pushed past all obstacles to achieve what they dreamed.  I want to be inspired.  No disrespect to Mr. Van Dyke but you don't really get that from his life.  He really was very lucky.  I'm in no way downplaying his immense God given talent, but he didn't really plan for any of the success in his life, it was a lot about being in the right place at the right time and luck.  That doesn't make me like him any less or think less of him.  It just wasn't very inspiring for me. And by the end I didn't really even want to finish it, but I did.  If you liked the Dyke Van Dyke show or any of the other things he was in give the book a read.  There are some neat anecdotes about his life.  And if you do read it, let me know what you think.

Ok the last autobiography I'm going to mention today is Carol Burnett's:

I'm as enamored by Carol Burnett as I am with Lucille Ball.  This book is kind of a collection of Carol's favorite stories to tell.  It made me laugh out loud several times.  She has such a way with telling stories that just make you smile.  And on several occasions she gets caught off guard and says or does the most awkward thing possible.  I can totally relate to that as a person who doesn't excel at small talk or ever make a good first impression.  I sped through this book, as I do with any I like.  And I was sad when it ended.  If this book doesn't make you want to sit and have coffee with her nothing will.  

Keep Reading-

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monday food day.

So I wrote this post up yesterday and just now released I didn't publish it.  Adam's new job allows him to work from home when he wants to and he did on Monday.  I love having him home but it throws my schedule all off.  Anyway here's our Food Day post.

Cooking Day!  It's my faaaavorite day of the week (please note the extreme sarcasm).  I gotta be honest the only time I enjoy cooking is when we're having people over.  Thanksgiving is a good example of this, I like having my family over and making a big meal for everyone.  And maybe I enjoy it so much because it only comes once a year.  But cooking everyday? yuck.  So here we are on another Monday getting my cook on for the entire week.  We have quite a few leftovers from last week so I don't need three whole meals for this week, I'm so not complaining about that.   I decided we just needed one more meal to choose from.  So we are having shredded chicken with bbq sauce.  Everyone knows the secret to shredded chicken...right?  Cook up some chicken breasts in the 'ol oven then throw them in the Kitchen Aid with the paddle attachment and after a few seconds bam shredded chicken.  Seriously it's the easiest way to do chicken.

So this week's food:
Leftovers; steak and veggies, chicken and salad, pork verde soup
BBQ chicken and of course veggies!

So I've talked about what we're eating for lunch and dinner, I thought I'd talk about breakfast.  I can't really get Adam to eat breakfast, believe me I've tried.  If he eats anything at work it would be a piece of fruit and/or a tortilla with peanut butter and jelly.  I usually have coffee, fruit, and cereal.  I have tried for years to eat oatmeal for breakfast and I find it really sad and depressing so I've given up on that.  So I eat cereal, I've been eating Post Great Grains lately and I really like it.

It does have more sugar in it than I would normally like in a cereal but I justify it by saying it's probably the raisins :)

I know we're not super exciting today but you can look forward to some new ideas in the future.  I'm already starting on next weeks food.

God Bless