Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goals--why are we here?

Time to set up some Goals.  Maybe I should go back to the beginning.  Why did we decide to start this blog?  I mentioned that we've both gained weight.  And all this weight was put on in 5 years.  But along with the weight I have gained some major health issues.
        Last February (2012) Adam and I were planning on going on a mission trip to Haiti with our church.  It was our first one and we were both very excited/ anxious.  A month or two before the trip I noticed I was always sick to my stomach.  When you're headed to a 3rd world country you tend to notice things that will be more of a bother if there isn't in door plumbing.  So I realized that I often had an upset stomach in fact I couldn't remember the last time I wasn't sick.  So I went to the Dr, which is a big deal for me, I hate hospitals or anything medical.  I mean when the red cross comes to work I get freaked out every time I see a "kiss me I gave blood sticker".  After I listed my symptoms I was referred to a GI doctor  but that appointment was scheduled for after the trip to Haiti.  The morning we were leaving for Haiti I got sick, really really stinking sick.  I couldn't get off the bathroom floor.  My stomach issues were complicated with stress I was having at work and the stress of leaving the county for the first time.  At the last minute I had to make Adam leave without me.  It was the worst the day ever.  I knew Adam didn't want to go without me but I knew he was supposed to go. 
        The entire week he was gone I couldn't keep any food down.  I worried the entire time about him.  My digestive issues had just been magnified 100%.  I called the GI and had my appointment moved up after we met she set me up for a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy.  Remember how I said I hate hospitals...well normally when you get a Colonoscopy they give you a sort of sleepy time medicine.  I however was freaking out so bad they had to call in an Anesthesiologist to knock me out.  (side note have you ever spelled anything so wrong the spell check doesn't know what it is...I had to ask Adam how to spell Anesthesiologist because the only suggestion spell check had was...would you like to add this to the dictionary)  After the horror that is the hospital they found nothing wrong. 
    2012 had to be the hardest year I've ever had.  The doctor's could find nothing wrong.  It seemed no matter what I ate it made me sick.  I was constantly running to the bathroom or laying around because I was so miserable.  At the end of the year Adam and I decided to see a Nutritionist.  She really taught us how we should be eating.  We did really well with her and in a couple of months had lost 20/25 a piece.  And the greatest piece of advice she gave me was to get gluten out of my diet. I've learned when I eat gluten free my stomach pains go away and I seem to have more energy.  But after the holidays we started to slack off and we never lost anymore weight.  At this point this year we almost gained all our lost weight back.  We know what to do, and we have a lot of great recipes.  But what we really need to be held accountable.  So what would we like to accomplish? 

Goal Time limit: 1 year July 2013 - July 2014

Rachel Goals: loose 100lbs (wedding weight), run a 10k

Adam Goals: loose 30lbs, Bench press

Pepper Goals: sleep more

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