Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Introducing the Schaafs.

Welcome to our house. This is a place for us to share about our lives.  First let me introduce you to our family. 

This is Adam and I on Sept 8th, 2007.  Married outside in September it was hot and rainy, and we had a wonderful time. 

This is our only child Pepper.  She is a boxer/mix we adopted from the shelter three years ago, and she is extremely spoiled.  But look at that face how could you not spoil her?
This photo is an unrealistic example of my photo taking skills.  Usually my photos are blurry or my finger is over the lens.  Somehow the first time I took pictures of Pepper they came out looking very professional.  I've not been able to duplicate it since.
So now that you've seen what we looked like 6 years ago I will be brave and show you a recent picture.
As you can tell we're not the svelte couple we used to be.  We only take photos from the waist up anymore...Adam has gained like a handful of pounds and I have gained...a grand total of 100 pounds.  That was fun to post on the internet.  It's thoughts like that last one that makes me hope no one ever finds this blog (ha!). 

So here we go taking this first step to changing our lives.  Our first assignment will be to set our weight loss/ health goals.  Next post: Goals.


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