Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A New Week

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Adam and I sure did.  Though honestly we didn't get much accomplished at home.  Well that's not completely true I got both the spare bedrooms cleaned up.  So that's something.  And Adam got whatever was rotting in our fridge thrown out (I think it ended up being a bunch of forgotten cilantro).  So what did we waste our time with this weekend?  Two things swimming and FRIENDS reruns.  It's really random, because we don't watch regular t.v. anymore (we're Netflix people) I never see FRIENDS anymore.  So I had a craving, we watched quite a bit of that.  And swimming?  Do we have a pool? Sadly no.  But our friends from church have a pool and they went away this weekend and asked us to check in on their cats and and in turn told us to enjoy the pool.  So we did!  I love water more than anything.  Growing up my grandparents lived on a quiet little lake and we were there all the time throughout the summer.  Swimming was so much a part of my life that I don't even remember learning how to swim.  I've just always been able to.  So having a pool just for us for the whole weekend was wonderful.  Of course this whitey got a little burnt, but just a little.  But otherwise I had a blast.  Adam and I had such a nice time just talking.   It really felt like a much needed mini vacation.  No distractions just some us time.  It made me realize we watch too much t.v.  The weekend marathon of FRIENDS didn't do much to dispel that thought.  But when we were floating around just talking about our goals, and our future it was like dating all over again.  After thinking it all over I've come to the conclusion...we're getting a pool! no just kidding.  We have decided to turn off the t.v. this week.  Only to turn it on for our workouts.  Since we're doing a DVD set.  When we work on projects we can both be so focused, but apparantly we are both easily distracted.  And the t.v. is just too tempting.  And Netflix is no help.  When you find a show you like instead of watching one episode a week, you end up watch season after season until you fall asleep in a mountain of take out containers in your comfy pants.  And then wake up and wonder what happened to your weekend and equally if not more disturbing what are you doing with your life?  Of course we don't have to watch multiple seasons in a row, but I don't think this blog is starring two people with a lot of self control.  Otherwise we wouldn't be struggling to loose weight. 
  Our mini vacation was an excuse to slack off on exercise, because yes we needed another excuse.  And at the end of the day Sunday we did finally go get groceries, but since we were exhausted from the swimming and sunburn (yes more excuses) we didn't get any of the food ready for the week.  Now I have to do it on Tuesday, which I hate doing because it's a long work day, and a hard work out afterwords.  But we will.  On our list this week to eat:

Breakfasts: Breafast Burritos (I'm going to try some new recipes for gluten free tortillas)

Lunches: Taco meat for salads and lots of veggies.
            And other assorted salads and veggies.

Dinners:  meatloaf
              Salmon/ Tuna Patties
              Pork Roast (we've never done this before so it'll be neat to try it)

We are pretty boring eaters.  We're both happy making a couple of meals and eating them all week.  Remember the italian pasta dish from last week?  We both had that for dinner twice, and I had it for lunch one day.  Once it starts to frost outside (not any time soon I hope, I love summer) we'll make a couple kinds of soup and live off them for weeks. 

There are two things I'm always trying to do that I think would make eating healthy easier.  One is meal planning.  We've tried to do this and it never works for us, until I read a blog the other day, and of course now I can't remember which on (if I find it again I'll link to it) where the blogger talked about how meal planning never worked for her either.  So instead of planning every day she just plans a couple meals for the week, and they make what ever sounds good.  That just made sense to me.  It may seem silly but on Sunday I have no idea what will sound good for dinner on Thursday.  So I like the option of having a couple of healthy meals planned and then getting to pick whatever one I want that day.  I think this will work alot better for us. 

The other thing I want to get into is freezing up meals ahead of time.  I'm so impressed by the families who spend a Saturday cooking up meals for the next month or two.  But it's so intimidating, so what I want to start  doing is when we cook things on the weekend for the upcoming week, cook double so there is some to freeze.  So we'll make 2 meatloafs, and lots of extra breakfast burritos and extra salmon patties.  So we may not have meals for the next 2 months, but we'll slowly build up our freezer reptoire.  Oh and that means I'll have to be super organized and have fancy freezer lists.  If you don't already know this about me I freaking love to be organized.  If I'm stressed out, I just organize something.  It soothes me :)   I know I'm a freak, and of coursed I married a person that is the opposite of that.  Though he loves when I organize his garage because it's fun we you can find what you're looking for. 

So let us know your tips to being healthy.  Do you meal plan?  What are your favorite healthy meals?

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