Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adam's Exercise Incident

It's Wednesday and this is the type of week that never seems to end.  Even Pepper agrees

Ahh rabid dog! nope just yawning.

oh that's more like it. this is her "get off the computer already" face.  yes I can interpret my dog's faces.

Since it's Wednesday and kind of boring one at that I thought I would share a silly story about Adam to lighten up the middle of the week.  I've known Adam since we were 14 and still after all this time I amazed I can still learn new things about him.  For example over the last year I've learned just how smart he is.  Like were talking genius.  I've learned that brilliance doesn't always equal common sense.  I've also learned that with his genius comes burst of creative ideas that sometimes are amazing, and sometimes....I wonder how he puts his pants on in the morning without injuring himself.  The following story falls in the later category.

So back in one of Adam's previous exercise stints he had a bit of an accident. To preface this story I will have to mention that Adam used to pump iron at his friend's house and occasionally they would have samples of protein drinks and supplements.  I could always tell when they were sampling because Adam would come home fully caffeinated and super hyper.  One such time he came home from working out and in a supplement stupor convinced me to cook a 5lb bag of macaroni.  His reasoning was that he wouldn't have to wait after work outs to make pasta.  I guess he was foreseeing a pasta emergency.  We'll I got caught up in his excitement and got out our largest pot and cooked all the pasta.  As it was getting done I was starting to wonder how he was going to eat all the macaroni before it went bad when he came back into kitchen and said "I can't believe you cooked all that".  I guess a supplement high doesn't last long.  We had a good laugh and when it was all over we ended up throwing out most of the pasta.

Now if only Adam had learned from that first story this next incident wouldn't have happened.  So one night Adam was at his friend's house working out when he called me to come get him.  When I asked him I there was something wrong with his truck he just asked again if I could come get him.  So I left figuring he had a flat tire or ran out of gas.  When I got there I was greeted with this...

My poor baby!

Apparently while they were working out they noticed a lack of Trapezoid exercises.  So Adam being the fix it decided to rig them up a sort of pulley using their existing equipment and an exercise band.  So what you're seeing here is the exercise band after he pulled it as hard as he could towards his face and it came un done and hit him square in the nose and eyes.  I was trying to pick on him, but he was so mad at himself, and in so much pain he just couldn't laugh about it.  The issue was that he wears contacts and is basically blind without them.  His focus point without contacts is 11 cm.  The problem was he hadn't had his eyeglasses updated in years.  So he was blind.  Also when he got hit in the face he knew one of his contacts had fallen out, but he wasn't sure about the other one.  So he spent the whole night trying to find his contact and what really happened was that he had scratched his eye.  And searching for the "missing" contact just irritated his eye all the more.  Needless to say he didn't sleep well that night.

This is his attempt at didn't quite work.  The next day he went to the eye doctor to make sure he didn't permanently hurt his eyes.  Then he spent the rest of the day trying to find some place in Fort Wayne that could make him new glasses, but because his prescription is so bad everyone wanted to send out for new lenses.  Luckily Lens Crafters in the mall was able to do it so I had to lead him around the mall like a blind man until the could get them done.  Since I was "driving" in the mall I headed over to Barnes and Noble...not the best place to take someone who can't see past 11cm.  I grabbed a book and thought we could sit at Starbucks while we waited, so Adam also grabbed a book...and then had to put his face on the page to be able to read.  He looked ridiculous, but at least at this time he was feeling well enough to laugh about it.  In the end he healed up nicely which is great because I can still pick on him about it. 

And if you enjoyed that, don't worry I have plenty of stories just like that...and more coming every day!  Life with Adam is always interesting. 

Now off to Burn Circuit 2 (Chalean Extreme).  And our favorite Chicken Tacos for dinner.

God Bless

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