Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flavored Popcorn

Today was much like yesterday.  I tend to eat the same things over and over.  So it was overnight oats, and avocado chicken salad.  They both really hit the spot.  For dinner Adam grilled us up some pork chops which we topped with eggs and an avocado for me. 

According to our Chalean Extreme work out schedule today is a Rest day, which is wonderful because I could hardly move.  Yesterday I would have said I don't have any muscles, today I can tell you where every muscle is because they're all screaming.  Can't wait for tomorrow's workout! :) That's heavy on the sarcasm, but hopefully someday we'll enjoy it.  Until then we'll fake it. 

In preparation for the holiday weekend I made flavored popcorn, a recipe I found on Pintrest.  It was really easy and I made, Strawberry, Grape, Lime, and Berry Blue.  And the lady who wrote the recipe is right the Strawberry does taste just like Captain Crunchberries.  I would suggest stirring the pot the entire time the liquid simmers, its sugary and will burn quickly.  I burnt it the first time, and then after stirring didn't have a problem with the rest of them.  They're all pretty good, I can't wait for the kids to try it on July 4th. 

Adam and I just got our first smartphones (we tend to be behind the times).  We have Galaxy Reverbs.  And guess who is now officially addicted to Angry Birds :).  Die piggies!

until tomorrow, God Bless.


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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to stop in to wish you the very best luck on your journey. I've also recently overhauled my entire diet and lifestyle. I look forward to following your blog and keeping up with your progress.