Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday weigh in #1

We had a wonderful weekend.  Spent Saturday at Adam's brother's lake house.  It's a beautiful cottage house on Hamilton Lake.  We ate some brats and Stephen took us on a lovely pontoon boat ride around the lake.  It was kind of cloudy but that just helped it cool off, it was really very nice.  Plus there was ice cream cake, which I did have a small piece. 

Sunday we put in some more work on our fireplace makeover.  I'll show it when we get it done.  We also got our meals around for the week; including getting our salads made and I got overnight oatmeal made up.  I got the oatmeal recipe from my one my favorite blogs  I made my oatmeal with coconut milk, chia seeds, and cinnamon.  I am trying to eat less dairy because I find I feel better without it.  Plus I love coconut milk.  Right now I'm favoring the Kroger Simple Truth brand.  When I got to work I added a banana to my oatmeal and also my favorite Almond Butter, Justin's Maple Almond Butter.  It was a great breakfast.  Plus I couldn't believe how much better I felt at work.  I noticed that I could focus much better than I normal..  And I wasn't hungry until lunch.  Good deal!  Lunch was a bed of lettuce with avocado chicken salad on top.  This stuff is wonderful, I had to have some as soon as I made it. 

Today is the first day of our weight tracking.  I had planned to start the Chalean Extreme today but I was feeling lazy...until Adam and I took our "before" photos and weighed in.  Wow those are a shocker, and we're not brave enough yet to post those photos...someday.  But after the weigh in I got Adam to start the Chalean Extreme with me.  It was a hard work out, but I really liked it, and Adam thought it worked him out too.  So he is going to join me and we'll complete this 90 program together.

Our starting weights are...

Adam: 190lb

Rachel: 269lb

The first day of our journey.  We did great and we're prepped for a good week.


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