Tuesday, July 16, 2013

week #3

Our weekend was a whirlwind of heat stroke.  Ok so neither one of us had heat stroke but it sure felt like it.  I love being outside in our gardens and mowing (yes I enjoy mowing), but 90 degrees is too hot for me. 
I was stalking this little guy for a while.  How pretty!

We didn't think it through on Saturday and ended up spending the hottest part of the day in the yard.  Can you say sunburn?  Ok so I'm  light fair skinned person, I burn very easily.  And the first time I was burnt this summer I was complaining about being in pain, because nothing helps a sunburn when hubby came through for me.  He bought new Aloe Vera (ours was expired) with pain reliever in it, and gave me Ibuprofen.  I tell you the combination of both those things made the pain go away so much faster.  Why did it take almost 30 years to learn that.  That would have been great information to have in High School when I was being fried like an egg during band camp (how cool am I?).  I know the best plan of action is sunscreen and not being outside at noon, but every year I forget just how white I am. 

So after burning ourselves to a crisp on Saturday we didn't do much Sunday until our friends invited us to come over and jump in the pool.  I have to tell you I love water.  I grew up around lots of little lakes and have always loved swimming.  So it's a blessing to have friends who have a pool and who don't mind when we come over.  Then they grilled up some locally raised organic grass fed beef, those burgers were amazing..didn't manage to take a picture because we devoured them.  What can I say floating in the pool is hard work :).

Weight loss tracking
So how was week two?  Eh.  Our workouts were great.  It's surprising to see how fast you feel stronger.  After just two weeks I'm not so sore the next day that I can't move.  The third workout in this set is really hard.  It's 40 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of straight ab work out.  Wow when you type that it really doesn't seem like that much. ha! but considering 3 weeks ago we were at zero minutes of exercise I'm proud we can get through the 50 minutes on day three.  Again we're doing the Chalean Extreme.  I actually really like it.  There are some workouts I've tried that Adam would consider to be too girly that are all cardio and you do is dance around.  I hate those.  They just make me mad.  This work out is something we both can do, and it's challenging.  I feel strong doing it and it's nice to have a work out partner.  I'm so proud every time we get done with a work out.

So workouts were great.  But food...oh we're failing food.  I keep letting myself be overwhelmed with the amount of change that needs to happen.  So this week I'm just taking it one meal at a time.  Oatmeal for breakfasts, lots of veggies and fruit for lunch, and grilling out with Adam for dinner. (pictures to come).  So in the end we both gained a pound...what's up with that?

Want to know what our Achilles' heal is?  Root Beer and Vanilla Cream Soda.  Adam and I love to try Root Beer, we're kind of coinsures.  He's the cream soda fan, I am not.  Our favorite root beer so far is Sprecher's we get it at Menards.  You know the only place you can buy plywood, milk, paint and root beer in the place.
I tried this new root beer from TJ Maxx. 

It's pretty good. 

For this coming week I've set some specific goals to help curve the eating habits.

1 No Wheat--this is for me because we've determined it upsets my stomach
2 No eating out--we're just not ready to make good decisions yet
3 Pack lunch/ snacks--if we do this it helps lower the temptation to buy crap at work

My main goal is if I end up in a situation I'm un prepared for I'll make the best decision possible. 

We're not giving up just adjusting.  This is a learning process.  I've already learned that I'm stronger than I thought I was.  So now I just need to apply that strength to the food choices I make. 

God Bless--R


  1. aloe vera can expire?! i definitely did not know that!!

    it sounds like you guys are making some good lifestyle changes- congrats! the mini-goals are a really good way to feel less overwhelmed. Good luck with this week's goals! :)

    1. I wasn't convinced it really expired until we got new stuff and it worked so much better. Thanks for the encouragement!