Saturday, September 7, 2013


Good day to you all.

I have always thought terrariums were the coolest things.  I've had a bunch of neat containers for a couple of years.  But now that I have time, and desire to do things, I've gotten all my equipment out and bought some succulents and have created my first terrariums.  It's been a real blessing to have the time and the desire to do things I enjoy.  During this time off I am hoping to discover what I enjoy doing again.  Come to find out I love plants.  Especially succulents.

To create a terrarium you need:
glass container

found these succulents at Wal-Mart and Lowes

Take your container and add some stones for drainage and add then the soil.


Then arrange your plants, however you would like.
 The finished product.

Since I had more plants and containers.  Here's the rest of my terrariums.

This pot we got at Crate and Barrel last summer
succulents in a strawberry pot.

This beautiful Apothecary Jar I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I love this jar.  And yes Adam said he thinks our living room is starting to look like a conservatory.  That's fine with me :)
I've had this bell jar from Crate and Barrel for a couple of years now, and couldn't wait to put these exotic flowers in it.

The extra succulents went into this beautiful pot.
Also these two beautiful painted succulents got a home in some of my favorite pots.

Then I found this jar at Wal-Mart and this fun little pineapple looking plant so I had to do at least one more. 

The other pretty bauble I found was this pretty watering can from Lowes.  Functional and lovely to look at.

I can't wait until the shelves are up in the dinning room so I can display all my plants and my copper watering can.

More terrariums to come.

Here's hoping you get to do something today that makes you happy.

God Bless

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