Thursday, October 10, 2013

A day of errands with erin

While I've been off work for the last 6 weeks I've had the chance to have coffee or breakfast with some of my favorite people.  My mom has come up once a week to have lunch with me, my friend Chelsea and I have coffee/lunch every Friday, my cousin Erin and I have reconnected over breakfast a couple of times and today I'm having coffee with my mentor/ friend.  I've really enjoyed my time with all my friends.  I've even been able to have coffee with my sister, which usually ends in shenanigans :)  I'm so grateful for all my friends and family for supporting me during my time off.  It only makes going back to work next week harder.  I would love to stay home and enjoy coffee with my loved ones, but Monday morning it'll be back to the grindstone.  But lets not focus on that for now. 

Lets focus on yesterday with Erin.  Her wedding is this Saturday so she had last minute wedding errands that needed to be done and I was invited to tag along.  First we met up at the best breakfast restaurant in town...Cosmos. Then we returned some dishes and clothes, then she took me by the Lakeside Rose Garden where she is getting married.  She's having a very small wedding with only her immediate family, so I am only going to the reception so it was really cool to see where the wedding will be held.  It's a really beautiful park.

this is where her ceremony will be

I can't wait for her to get back from her honeymoon in Europe! so I can see her wedding photos. 
Next we went out to Hilger's Farm to pick up some pumpkins for her decorations.

I even picked up a couple of gourds for myself. 
The last errand we did was picking up her wedding dress.  I got a special show, and got to see her in it.  She's absolutely stunning.  I was allowed to take a picture, but I promised I wouldn't show it before her wedding.  I'll post it on Saturday with reception photos.  I was so thrilled to be a part of her special day and I am excited to see how the reception turns out. 
I'll leave you with this photo of Pepper, this is what happens when I try to eat breakfast and she's in the same room.
I'm not staring at you mom.
Have a great day.
God Bless


Friday, October 4, 2013

A day of firsts.

So food trucks are all the rage these days.  I've heard about some that are downtown Fort Wayne during lunch hours, but I'd never tried them out until today.  My weekly coffee with my friend from ambitiousexecution went from coffee to lunch.  We must have been really hungry because that's all we could talk about.  So she mentions BRAVAS, a Spanish Tapas truck.  And we look it up and find that it's going to be downtown, so we decided pick up her daughter and to stalk it.  And then stand outside until it opened up.  Can you tell we had no plans today :)
Such a cute truck!
I didn't really know what to expect she had only told me about their hot dogs.  So I ordered the
SNOOPdog (lol)
Smoked bacon, smoked gouda cheese & garlic aioli.

I thought this was the best hot dog ever created until I got to have a bite of the
It had chorizo sausage, macaroni and cheese, cornbread crumbs, and pickled jalapeƱos.
I don't even like jalapenos and it was amazing.
We also tried the Patatas Bravas
Triple fried hand cut potatoes with our signature brava sauce and garlic aioli
I don't know why they were so good but, oh dear me they were amazing.
I am glad I tried it and I would suggest you try it too.
So we were enjoying the entertainment on the Square, the philharmonic had a brass quartet and a young couple was doing an acrobatic act.  It was a lovely lunch and then when we got to the car a lovely woman handed me this.
I got my first parking ticket.  I was kind of upset and I wanted to yell at the lady, but she was only doing her job so I just said thank you and took it from her.  But I've worked down town for almost 5 years and this is my first parking ticket, so it's not too bad.  So I would suggest you go down town to try the food trucks, but pay attention to your time you don't want a $10.00 parking ticket.
Have you tried food trucks before? When was your first parking ticket?
God Bless

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I ate Wednesday #4

So my What I ate Wednesday posts are not so much what I am going to eat on Wednesday (I can't tell the future), but more some of the interesting things I ate last week.  I say that because the following doesn't really fit into the October Unprocessed Challenge Adam and I are doing.  
Crockpot recipe

Since the weather is starting to turn I'm craving cold weather food, in my mind that's soups and recipes in my crockpot.  So I made Ham and Beans.  It was pretty simple I just took some Northern Beans and a precooked, presliced ham and threw them in the pot and covered with water.  Then cooked in on low for 6 hours.

To make it a special I decided to make cornbread in the waffle iron.  How much fun is that? (I need to get out more)  Well if I did it you have to know it was easy :)  I made Bob's Red Mill gluten free cornbread and then poured it into the waffle iron.  It made 4 large waffles.

It was easy and kind of fun.

Top with some cheese and it was fall perfection.  I even ate it outside to enjoy the fall weather.
Date Night

Our favorite place to get Pizza in Fort Wayne is Pint 'n Slice.  We never get a pint, but there is something about the crust that is just perfect.  This pizza place is the kind that they have 4 different kinds of pizza made up ahead of time and you can buy it by the slice.  One of us usually tries a new kind.  Last weekend they didn't have anything I wanted to try other than cheese, but Adam tried the bacon and macaroni and cheese pizza.  I had a was pretty wonderful.  I would probably try it again.
 For our first day on the unprocessed challenge I had a simple breakfast.
Apples and almond butter, a banana, and coffee.

For lunch I had a really great salad at Old Crown Coffee Company.  I had the Simple salad. 
The Simple House Salad & Havarti · $5.95Mixed Organic Field Greens, Leaf Lettuce, Cucumber, Sprouts, Red Onion & Tomato with your choice of dressing
I had turkey added to it and had the balsamic Caesar dressing.  It was really good.  I would go back and get it again.
My mother had the other salad.

The Other Salad · $6.25Mixed Organic Field Greens, Leaf Lettuce, Cucumber, Sprouts, Roasted Red Pepper, Red Onion, Tomato & Bleu Cheese Crumbles
Dressed with our Balsamic Caesar and topped with a splash of Almonds & Apricots
She had chicken added to it, and both of us thought there was a lot of meat added to our salads.  I would suggest Old Crown as a place to get a good lunch.  We also had drinks, I had a  good cup of coffee, and mom had a fruity iced tea, that was also really good.

I can't wait to read all about what the rest of you guys have been eating.

God Bless

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Unprocessed

Through Pintrest I found a group of people challenging each other to eat unprocessed food for the entire month of October. 
October Unprocessed 2013

I figure this is the best month to go unprocessed.  Before the holidays start and after our yearly vacation is the best time to kind of reboot.  I must confess we haven't been doing the greatest job with food and exercise.  But we haven't given up hope yet :)  I think this month's challenge is just what we need.  And the website has so many resources.  I like how they encourage everyone to do the best they can.  If you can't eat unprocessed for every meal, do as many unprocessed meals as possible.  Some people only give up some ingredients like corn syrup, or other additives.   

Adam and I are going to encourage each other to eat as unprocessed as possible.  The challenge information talks about having a cheat day.  Or at least a cheat meal, once a week.  And that works perfectly for me because we have a wedding this month, and I tend to go out to eat once a week with my mom. 

Our meal plan is to eat a smoothie in the morning, a salad for lunch, and a simple meal of meat and veggies for dinner.  And today I'm having lunch with my mom, and I plan on having a salad at the restaurant.  We're really just trying to make simpler choices.  I think this will be really good for us.

So it's a new month, let me know what your goals are, so we can encourage each other.

Time to go make our smoothies for the day.

God Bless,