Friday, October 4, 2013

A day of firsts.

So food trucks are all the rage these days.  I've heard about some that are downtown Fort Wayne during lunch hours, but I'd never tried them out until today.  My weekly coffee with my friend from ambitiousexecution went from coffee to lunch.  We must have been really hungry because that's all we could talk about.  So she mentions BRAVAS, a Spanish Tapas truck.  And we look it up and find that it's going to be downtown, so we decided pick up her daughter and to stalk it.  And then stand outside until it opened up.  Can you tell we had no plans today :)
Such a cute truck!
I didn't really know what to expect she had only told me about their hot dogs.  So I ordered the
SNOOPdog (lol)
Smoked bacon, smoked gouda cheese & garlic aioli.

I thought this was the best hot dog ever created until I got to have a bite of the
It had chorizo sausage, macaroni and cheese, cornbread crumbs, and pickled jalapeños.
I don't even like jalapenos and it was amazing.
We also tried the Patatas Bravas
Triple fried hand cut potatoes with our signature brava sauce and garlic aioli
I don't know why they were so good but, oh dear me they were amazing.
I am glad I tried it and I would suggest you try it too.
So we were enjoying the entertainment on the Square, the philharmonic had a brass quartet and a young couple was doing an acrobatic act.  It was a lovely lunch and then when we got to the car a lovely woman handed me this.
I got my first parking ticket.  I was kind of upset and I wanted to yell at the lady, but she was only doing her job so I just said thank you and took it from her.  But I've worked down town for almost 5 years and this is my first parking ticket, so it's not too bad.  So I would suggest you go down town to try the food trucks, but pay attention to your time you don't want a $10.00 parking ticket.
Have you tried food trucks before? When was your first parking ticket?
God Bless

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  1. Oh Bravas, why are you so good? Lol, L and I were still talking about yesterday's lunch today. It was so good and so fun!