Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Unprocessed

Through Pintrest I found a group of people challenging each other to eat unprocessed food for the entire month of October. 
October Unprocessed 2013

I figure this is the best month to go unprocessed.  Before the holidays start and after our yearly vacation is the best time to kind of reboot.  I must confess we haven't been doing the greatest job with food and exercise.  But we haven't given up hope yet :)  I think this month's challenge is just what we need.  And the website has so many resources.  I like how they encourage everyone to do the best they can.  If you can't eat unprocessed for every meal, do as many unprocessed meals as possible.  Some people only give up some ingredients like corn syrup, or other additives.   

Adam and I are going to encourage each other to eat as unprocessed as possible.  The challenge information talks about having a cheat day.  Or at least a cheat meal, once a week.  And that works perfectly for me because we have a wedding this month, and I tend to go out to eat once a week with my mom. 

Our meal plan is to eat a smoothie in the morning, a salad for lunch, and a simple meal of meat and veggies for dinner.  And today I'm having lunch with my mom, and I plan on having a salad at the restaurant.  We're really just trying to make simpler choices.  I think this will be really good for us.

So it's a new month, let me know what your goals are, so we can encourage each other.

Time to go make our smoothies for the day.

God Bless,

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