Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Being an Adult

Well the joys of being an adult would include going to bed whenever I want, eating whatever I want, and taking naps when I want to (I do work from home so naps are allowed).  Would you like to know something that isn't fun being an adult well for starters having to work and earn an income, having a slower metabolism (thank you love handles) oh and owning your own home.  Yes having your own home can be a blessing but last night that's not exactly what we were experiencing.  Yesterday afternoon I thought I had a fever because I was getting increasingly colder as the day went on.  And in the past twice now I've had a really bad fever and I thought the heat went out of the house, and it turned out to just be my internal temp was dropping.  Yesterday that was not the case.  As it turned out I was not sick but our furnace had broken.  It was kaput and had also shorted out our thermostat.  So when Adam got home and confirmed that it was indeed broken, because surely I was wrong...men!  He decided he didn't want to call the heater fixer people after hours so we huddled together in bed under all the blankets we owned with our puppy and watched some movies on the computer until we fell asleep.  This morning when we woke up Adam called the maintenance people and the house was 47 degrees.  Luckily we have a gas fireplace downstairs so currently I'm sitting in front of it with the dog trying to not freeze, but I think by now we're at 50 degrees. And the maintenance man has come and it has been determined that we can either pay a lot of money to fix our old furnace or pay a little more to just have a new one put in.  So the joys of being an adult we are now going to have to pay to have a brand new furnace put in, and even more exciting they can't do it until tomorrow morning so that means another day and night of cold.  I was seriously thinking of leaving for the day and sitting in a warm Starbucks but I really don't think that's fair for the dog.  I mean I can't leave her here to freeze, so we're currently trying to keep each other warm in front of our fireplace.
   On another note I have been reading and learning a lot lately about how we are supposed to praise God in every situation good or bad.  So praise to God that we'll only be cold for two days, we have a fireplace, I have a puppy for extra body heat, and we'll have the resources to pay for the new furnace.  And thank the Lord for warm beverages (but not the cold toilet seat though, but thanks for indoor plumbing) because even though it's under 50 degrees in the bathroom it's negative 8 outside.  So indoor plumbing truly is a blessing today and every day.  The Lord gives and the Lord takes away blessed be the name of the Lord.

God Bless and keep warm.


  1. The furnace in our old house died the week before our wedding. Ya know, when funds are especially high (::cough::) It sucked to bite the bullet and replace it. Then sell our house a year later. I totally feel for ya.
    Oh, if it's 47 in your house, Pepper won't "freeze" if you leave her there and go to Starbucks. I'd do it.

    1. were doing ok huddling together in front of the fire.