Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

         Now is the time for resolutions.  I actually like the thought of starting over, or starting a new.  2013 was not my favorite year.  First of all and least important I don't like the number reason, just don't like it.  Most importantly this was the year that I continued to be sick with IBS and then eventually ended up in the mental hospital for depression and anxiety.  But since then, the medication for my anxiety has finally solved my IBS symptoms.  It took almost 3 years but I finally feel like a regular person again, and that is truly something to celebrate.  The other medical trial I went through this year was having my first two cavities.  And I totally stink at anything medical.  They had to prescribe two valium just to get me in the door.  But I survived having them filled, and two weeks later I flossed and one of the fillings came out.   So it was back to the dentist.  Now that I've had to have cavities filled twice, both with the help of valium, I have learned I can get work done and survive.  That's a big step for me.  They drugged me up so much the second time that I was actually interested in what the dentist was doing.  It made me think that if I wasn't so terrified of everything medical I might actually find it interesting.  I never thought I would ever say that.  If it wasn't for those creepy needles I might actually want to study medicine.  That's something fun to learn after I've finished college :)  Ok so this year I survived, IBS, the mental hospital, and the dentist; all trials that were very hard for me and Adam.  He's been a dear through this whole year.  And last but not least since my anxiety was kind of out of control I quit my job.  And now I am working for home, for the same company but on a completely different less stressful project.  Also just a couple weeks ago Adam started a new job.  So we've had some challenges together, but we've survived.  I really do think that everything we went through this year just brought us closer.  Adam was there for me ever step, and now I'm there for him as he learns is new job.  I'm very proud of him, change isn't easy for him, but it was a good move career wise. 
         This is probably the first year I'm actually excited for new year's resolutions.  My health has been an issue for a couple of years, since we've been married I've put on somewhere in the neighborhood of 100lbs.  In fact the reason I started this blog was to track our weight loss.  Which of course fell to the wayside when times got hard.  But now with God's help we're at it again.  We have set some goals to make this year better than last.  And really that's all we can hope to do, make this year better than last and today better than yesterday.  Our overall goals would be to weigh less at the end of the year, and to be more productive with our time. (i.e., less t.v. and more projects around the house, and for me that means more writing).  But we have a few milestones along the way to keep us in check.  The first milestone being in February we're going to Haiti and we're working to be in better shape for that weeklong trip.  The second milestone is a very good friends wedding that I'm in in March.  And I just ordered a dress in a gigantic size, that I'm hoping come March I'll have to have taken in to wear.  Bridesmaid dress shopping isn't my favorite and being overweight really didn't help that process.  Luckily I had a really lovely sales lady help me out and it only took a half an hour to pick out a dress.  So that was a win.  Our other major goal as a couple is to grow closer to God this year.  We've already started by doing a devotional for couples every night.  And we've been doing that for a couple of months now.  Next is to individually grow closer to God and we'll work on that by reading our bibles each day and spending time in prayer.  Now this is probably the goal I make every year, to be closer to God, and I don't think I'll ever stop wanting it.

      Our goals in a nutshell
Adam: finish his computer science degree, only 6 classes left!
          : work more in his woodworking shop (possibly even start a YouTube channel).
          : work out more often, and eat healthy
          : read bible every day

Rachel: work out and eat healthy
           : read bible every day
           : writing; on the blog, and on my book I've started
           : finish the 13.1 mile race in the Fort for Fitness (in September)
           : sell my crayon art on
           : get back into theatre (I love it so)

That's where we're starting this year at.  As we speak not only am I writing on my blog woo woo, but also Adam is in his workshop (aka our garage, that neither car fits into) working on a project for the dog. :) And for late lunch/dinner (we did get up at like 11 today) we're going to be having a pork verde soup my best friend Katie found on Pintrest and made for us when she came over last.  It's supposed to be soup like, but last time we cooked it so long it turned into meat for was fabulous.  I can't wait to hear what other goals everyone is working on, please feel free to share in the comments.  Maybe we can be an encouragement to each other.

God Bless,
And Happy New Year,
-- A and R


  1. You and your husband are beautiful,Rachel. I will share with you what I shared with my ladies Bible study regarding 2014:With the new year being here I've thought about how to handle the idea of potential for new beginnings. I hate resolutions. I guess to me,we should be working on 'bettering' ourselves through out the year. However,I do see the first of the year as an appropriate time to reflect and decipher positive changes that could/should be made in my life.
    Therefore,there's things I've decided to work on daily,no matter how small the step,that will prayerfully and cumulatively add up to a change in my habits at the beginning of 2015.
    Taking time in the mornings to read God's Word: starting in
    Genesis. And focusing on one chapter He seems to have pointed out to me multiple times lately: Psalm 25.....working on memorizing.
    Things like,reading a little more,tv a little less. I've downloaded books of interest to my computer and droid (kindle,the cloud). They were all free,I might add!
    Being active(exercise is a dirty word don't you know). I've jumped on an 'activity machine' without expectation of perfection when I do it. Just the thought,as they say,
    'just do it'.
    Drinking water when I get up in the morning and a glass with each meal.
    Nothing huge......but it's a beginning...Because,IF NOTHING CHANGES,NOTHING CHANGES.

    1. I've been moved to memorize verses more too. Might need to add that to the list of things to do in 2014, thanks for the comment!