Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pepper's Room

Pepper's New Room
 aka: using up that empty space under the stairs
If you haven't noticed our dog Pepper is quite spoiled.
We don't have kids so she gets all our love and attention.  It's hard to imagine life without her, and it's truly silly how much we miss her when we go on vacation.  So when it came to deciding what to do with the empty space under the stairs  Pepper won out.  We had discussed opening up the wall into the garage so Adam could have more storage in his ever growing wood shop.  But in the end we decided to give Pepper a larger place to stay during the day when we're at work (this of course was before I decided to work from home).  The only reason I don't trust her out in the house when we're gone is because she likes to chew up blankets and things with stuffing when we're gone, and I don't trust her around the furniture. 

So on with the project.  Here is the original wall.

Adam did me a huge favor and decided to cut the hole in the wall the weekend I was out of town.  He then sent me text photo updates.  Even though I wasn't there it still made me nervous to see the hole.  I was so glad I wasn't there.

The first few cuts (pepper is supervising)
Getting bigger...
 A look from the inside out.

He then laid the flooring. 

We have laminate flooring in the living room outside of Pepper's room.  We couldn't find an exact match, but I think we came pretty darn close.  The color is actually the same, the only difference is the stuff in the room (right side) has more grain in it.

Pictures from inside

Taking a break with Pepper. 
At this point the walls needed plywood and per fire code under the stairs needed insulation and dry wall.
Drywall for under the stairs.
Then plywood for the walls.
Once you crawl in the door you can fully stand up.  It will double as a tornado shelter for us.
Then to cover the door Adam built a door and a pocket for it to slide into.

After all the hard work.  Adam added trim to the outside and added trim next to it, to make it look complete.
He does good work.  And what does Pepper think...?

She loves it...and maybe someday she'll understand that's not a head rest.
Good Luck with all your projects.
God Bless

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