Sunday, March 2, 2014


So where have I been for the last week?  You guessed it HAITI!!! It has been a whirlwind of a week. 

Let's start at the beginning...first of all I've never been out of the country before.  So I have about a million new experiences I would love to share with you. Secondly this was a mission trip we took with our church, so it was an exciting week.

We stayed with a couple of missionary couples who live in Haiti full time.  We pretty much stayed in the city of Port-Au-Prince the entire time.  It is a giant city.
Friday was spent traveling.  We drove from Fort Wayne to Indy, barely surviving the weather, and then sat in the airplane in Indy for 2 hours.  Have you ever sat in a plane that was being deiced?  It's really not fun.
Here's the view from inside the Indy Airport.
So deicing a plane sounds like you're going through a giant car wash, which doesn't seem like it would be scary...but it is, trust me.  After the plane was deiced we flew to Miami without incident.  Then spent the night (all 5 hours) in the Miami Hotel.  And then we were up at 4:30am to catch our next flight.  This time we were headed to HAITI.  I guess I was a little excited. ;)

I can admit to having culture shock when I arrived.  It's just so different.  First of all check out the truck we drove around in.
This truck was our transportation for the week.  As you can see there are two benches and nothing to hang on to.  Oh and the roads are terrible.  Some of the roads are paved...some of them, and the ones that are, are filled with potholes.  The ride was always an adventure and one time I even ended up on the floor of the truck, after a particularly sharp stop.
The first day was spent unpacking and well taking naps :)  What traveling is tiring work.  Then on Sunday we got to go to church.
It was an interesting experience and we were lucky to sit next to Bill who could translate for us. 
Then the week started.  This was a two part mission trip. 7 men and 5 women went.  The men spent Monday through Thursday working on the main office building for all the First Assemblies of God in Haiti.  They laid cinder blocks in the blazing hot sun all week.  It got up to 124 degrees at one point.

So that's pretty much all I can say about what the guys did I mean how much can you say about laying cinder blocks.

For the women Monday started two days of pampering Haitian pastor wives.  We pampered them by giving massages, foot rubs, and taught crafts.
Check this out, I taught crochet! How cool is that?
Even though there was a language barrier we managed to have fun, and even our interpreter joined in for our crafts.  Hey having an interpreter doesn't save the day when there are 20 Haitians, 8 Americans, and 2 craft tables, the other table of women were making beaded bracelets.  Lets just say we used our interpreter as much as we could.  She was a really cool woman.  She was particularly helpful when we had our teaching on who we are in Christ.  The lesson was well received.  Then we spent the afternoon praying and just loving on the women.
Here's the five us with the 3 missionary wives we were hanging out with. 
Tuesday was a lot like Monday; food, crafts, laughter, and the lesson.  The really cool part of the day was when all the women said they wanted to be prayed for and we spent the afternoon praying and having a wonderful time.
Wednesday was spent shopping, cause that's what women do :)  I managed to buy a small painting and some souvenirs for friends and family.
  This is at one of the shops we stopped by called the Apparent Project.  Here they make their own beads and pottery. 
Thursday we got the privilege of going to the beach.

This was a really rough day :)
We spent the whole day laying around the beach.  It was really wonderful.  Then at the end of the day on the way home we got to stop by the work site where the guys were working. 
And what did I find when we showed up?  My husband standing on the edge of the second story with out a railing...sure that's safe. 
Then it was finally Friday and we got to spend our day with the men.  We took a trip out to the middle of no where, which is where we got to meet these wonderful kids.  And help feed them lunch.

So on Thursday I had gotten sunburnt at the beach...cause I'm super white.  Anyway the kids realized that a sunburn turns white when you touch it...I quickly became a human etch a sketch...lots of fun with a sunburn. But it was fun being around those kids and I honestly didn't want to leave.
And that was our week in a nutshell.  It was an uneventful trip home.  And before for we knew it we were back in the beautiful U.S.A.  I've never been so happy to be home before but one last thought; I'd rather be in Haiti helping people.
God Bless

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