Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The pantry

So Adam and I love doing projects around our house. Well we like starting projects around our house. lol.  One of these projects is our pantry.  We have a tiny pantry and we've been making it work for a while, but I have realized lately that we need a better system.  I was losing items and buying them 2 and 3 times over.  Here is what our pantry looked like to begin with.

Adam hated the wire racks so they were replaced with plywood.

Then the first time I organized it...  it looks good but it didn't work that well. 

The shelves were 18 inches deep and so it was easy to lose things in the back.  Over time this is what it looked like.
Groceries were pretty much just thrown in wherever they could fit.  I couldn't find anything in here.

So I talked to my master carpenter (Adam) and discussed new plans for shelves.  Then came the fun part.  We pulled everything out of the pantry and put it...everywhere.

It was on the table, on all the counters, and there was even some piled up on the floor.  Our kitchen and dinning room looked like a disaster.  I would have a photo but my phone was acting up that day and I could only steal Adam's phone so much. :) This was one of the only projects we've actually completed in a day.  Adam cut the wood and put up the tracks for the shelving branches.  And when it was all done, we had lost a little bit of space, but gained a beautiful pantry with L shaped shelves.

This pantry is organized and it's easy to find everything we need.  I love it, it's exactly what I had hoped for.  We still need to paint a couple of the new shelves white, but that's a small thing.  And after a month the pantry is still as organized, and looks just as good.

Happy Organizing
and God Bless

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