Monday, October 27, 2014

The fireplace

This is the story of our fireplace.  I've kind of hated it since we moved in.  It was a faded brick color, and since we switched all the trim in the house from brown to white, the mantel really didn't work any more either.  In general I didn't think it went with our house, which has more of a modern feel to it.
This is the fireplace when we moved in, and yes the walls are a slight green color.
It was awful. 

Here it is after we painted the wall. 
And put in white trim.
I also spray painted the two brass pieces with high heat black paint. 

After some discussions and Pintrest inspiration, we decided
to paint the fireplace white. 

After looking around we decided on Kilz to paint the fireplace.
We took off the mantel and painted the whole thing white.
It only took two coats.
It was kind of a risk and it took us a moment to like it.

The mantel on the other hand took forever.
Adam got a nice piece of pine and built me a very modern looking mantel.
Then we took forever to stain it just right.
We used Dark Walnut Stain.
 Here's the evolution of our fireplace room.

testing out paint samples

prepping to paint

Finally the room is painted.

For a while the fireplace room was made into a sitting room.

Last year's Christmas Card

Most of the time the chairs sat on either side of the fireplace,
but this is the only picture I could find.
Like father like puppy.
Then we decided the room would be better suited as a dinning room.
This is a table we got from Adam's uncle's house...we had no chairs.

And finally an adult dinning room set, our first. (Chairs included) :)

 Finally this is our finished fireplace room.

Above the mantel the picture our guests signed at our wedding.  And the two pictures on either side Adam and I painted in a wine and paint class (in Louisville).

You can see our new finished coffee bar too and my dwarf lemon tree too:) 

Happy pintresting
and God Bless

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