Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Adam's project--Tray

OK so Adam and I tend to eat dinner in front of the T.V.  And by that I mean the only time we don't eat in front of the T.V. is special occasions like Valentine's day, or when we have people over. While we do have a T.V. downstairs in the living room, that room is currently under construction due to the BIG project.  We also have a T.V. upstairs in the loft aka the 2nd living room/craft room/office.  So we eat most our dinners up there while I make Adam watch Frasier Cheers for the millionth time.

One of the times we were hauling dishes and cups upstairs I told Adam we needed a tray.  Of course we could have bought one but it's more fun when you make things yourself...right?  At least that's the credo Adam lives by. :)  So he took some time in his garage and came out with this.

Oh la la

Isn't it beautiful?  The irony of these pictures is that the tray is being photographed on the dinning room table we hardly ever eat at.

Even more beautiful when carrying Christmas cookies and milk.
Cookies Christmas makes everything better :)

It functional and pretty, what more could you ask? :)

Hope all your projects are as successful-

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