Monday, December 7, 2015

Making Stockings

So last year I was feeling very crafty at Christmas and I decided to make my family new stockings.  I was having fun playing with felt and that's what I used to make the stockings with.

First I spent many a hour on Pinterest looking at stockings to get ideas next I brainstormed some ideas and then sketched them out.  I can't really draw so my sketches are more for laughs then anything else :)  And then I bought one stocking to use as a template.  I traced the stocking on card stock to use as a template for all my stockings.  Then I traced two stockings out for each one.

I did my sister's first, she loves snow.  Her favorite color is blue so that's what I used.  Now I had decided to make a snow globe with a snow man as her design.  I spent an evening tracing every round item I could find in my house until I found three that made the circles for the snow man.  And it took me forever to find a circle big enough to be the snow globe.  Again I made all my templates out of card stock so if I ever wanted to I could make the stockings again in the future, I can. So I cut my snow globe and snowman out of felt and pinned them onto stocking.  Then when I was sure of the placement I tacked the pieces on with hot glue then did an embroidery stitch called the blanket stitch around the edge of all the felt pieces.  And then added black buttons on the snowman.  Then the stocking looked a little empty so I added snow buttons all over it.  Once it was decorated I glued the two stocking pieces together and then did the blanket stitch around the whole thing.  Then embroidered her name on a white piece for the top and then stitched in on.  Here is the finished product.

Mom loves ornaments so I created ornaments and decorated them with sequins and buttons.  Then I stitched them on.  Her's looked a little empty so I added some present buttons on the bottom.  Here's her stocking.

Since my Dad's a hunter I instantly knew I wanted to do a deer silhouette with Christmas lights in the antlers.  I found this silhouette on Pinterest so it's someone else's design.  Adam manipulated it so it would be the right size then I printed it out on card stock and traced it out.  The Christmas lights are buttons I found and just couldn't wait to use.  Then on a whim we decided to put on a red nose, but it kind of looks like Dad shot Rudolph...haha oh well.  Here's his stocking.

Adam wanted cookies on his.  So I took my cookie cutters and traced out some fun Christmas shapes.  I "decorated" each cookie with sequins, beads, and buttons. Then I added a mug complete with tiny white buttons for mini marshmallows.  Here's his finished stocking.

I wasn't sure what I wanted on mine.  I was going to do a nativity but the pieces I found were too small to work on felt.  So I went with something easier.  I decided to do a Santa Clause.  I used a fabric marker to color in the rosy cheeks.  Here's mine.

Hope this inspires you to be creative.  In my next post I will give ideas about what I put in the stockings.

God Bless

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