Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Christmas gifts

I got super spoiled this year at Christmas.  I am gift person.  It's the quickest way to my heart.  I know that might sound superficial, but it really isn't.  When someone gives me something, it says to me that they went out of their way to think about me, and that's what touches me.  So I don't need diamonds, just a little something.  Case in point, one time in a workplace gift exchange my secret Santa got me a really cute note pad with matching pen, and it almost made me cry, cause it was so perfect for me.  I'm a sucker for office supplies.

So what was I given this year?  Well first up my homemade gift from my darling husband.  I love homemade gifts, I really do, they're my favorite.  The two weeks before Christmas Adam kept disappearing into the garage (aka his wood shop) and wouldn't tell me what he as making.  On Christmas morning I opened this:
And I did almost cry.  It hit all my crying buttons.  It was homemade by my one true love, it was a surprise, and it was super thoughtful.  I've spent the last year writing a book, I've let no one read and at the end of the year my husband is still supportive.  That is amazing to me.  How did I get so lucky?

My only problem is that I simultaneously want to write in it, and also want to display it and never use it.  But Adam assures me that the paper is replaceable, so I will be using it.

Ok so that wasn't my only fantastic gift.  I don't mean to discount all the other things people got me.  I have been very blessed.  But when a gift actually makes you front of people, it is in it's own category.

My mom got me a bunch of mugs, because I have a mug problem. I freakin love them. So I'm opening up the mugs and they have cute little Christmas sayings on them like Believe and Joy, and there was one that said Create and then there was this one...

I cried.  No that's not a sufficient description.  I bawled, in front of my whole family.  I couldn't stop.  I've never sobbed like that in front of people.  A little backstory we are currently starting the process of adoption and this was her way of supporting us.  And it was the first time anyone has referred to me as a mom, and it was so touching.   It was possibly the best gift she's ever given me, and she gives great gifts.

So thank you to my amazing family.  This was truly one of the best Christmases.  And I look forward to using that mug, maybe even next Christmas.

God Bless-

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