Welcome to Schaaf (sh  aw f) House.  I live in  Indiana with my husband Adam.  Adam and I met our Freshmen year of high school and after 7 years of friendship we started dating and 2 years later we were married.  I love being married to my best friend.  After a few rough years (marriage doesn't come easy to everyone) we're in a good place and get along wonderfully.  We can thank our wonderful friends from church for putting us on the right path.

Adam is a Deputy Black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He loves starting projects, especially in our two car garage that currently houses his massive wood shop.

Rachel (that's me) is an aspiring author, working on her first novel.  She also loves reading and generally just being crafty.

We've had 9 wonderful years so far (10 in Sept) and this year we're adding adoption to our lives.  Join us as we take each step along the way.  We're trusting God to show us the way to our first child.  It should be an exciting/ terrifying/ fun time.  We've never done it before, and have very little idea what we're doing so it should be at least interesting.

Along for the ride is our puppy, Pepper, a female boxer mix.   She was adopted from the  Whitley County Humane Society, always adopt! 
So join us in our journey, and hopefully we can learn something together.

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