Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July.  I noticed this weekend that my grandmother has this quote on her fridge.  And it's true. 

Jesus Christ and the American Soldier 2nd Version Post Card
Thank you military personal and all family members.  We are so fortunate to live in America.

This weekend we had so much going on I couldn't remember what day it was. We drove all over Indiana and we were lucky enough to see both sides of my family and old college friends.
On Thursday we celebrated the holiday at my cousin's house.  We got to enjoy time with family, some of whom I haven't seen in 2 years.  All my cousins have beautiful kids.  It was fun seeing how old they all look. It certainly made me feel older.  Of course I took pictures on the way there, but forgot to take pictures when we go there.  So here's some candid's of us driving to the party.

Friday we drove to Indy for a wedding. 

When we go to Indy we have to visit our favorite story.

When is Fort Wayne going to get Trader Joe's already?!  Here is our loot.  Adam has to have everything that is pretzel.  In our stash we got pretzel buns, sticks, and croissants.  And Adam also has to have Trader Jose, which is similar to Corona.  It's his favorite beer.
I have to have coffee, the Smooth and Mellow kind.  It's my favorite coffee.
I picked up some Moscato for my mom and I wanted to try some new brands myself.  When we're there we like to pick up things we can't get at home.

Then we went to the wedding in Noblesville.  It was an intimate affair. 

We were able to hang out with all my college friends.  These crazy people are my best friends, we all went to school for theatre and after all these years we're still good friends.

There is Katie, and her husband Doug.

  Emily Mike


A little later Mike, Doug, and Adam had a little too much fun. 

This is kind of the wheelchair version of the Cha Cha shuffle.

**Note none of these men are in wheelchairs, they're just to lazy to stand up, and believe it or not there was not alcohol involved.

Saturday we drove to G&Gs house (grandma and grandpa).  Where my dad fried fish and grandpa grilled brats.  It rained the whole way there, but then it turned out to be a very nice day.

Then after a great day of eating we stopped by my parent's house on the way home.  We always stop by because my dad makes wine.  So we picked out some wine and he gave me some Hostas for my garden.  Then my sister came running in with her dog in her arms.  Apparently right before she got to our parent's house her dog figured out how to open the car window and jump out...still on a leash.  She managed to beat up her back legs pretty bad.  She's fine, just a little sore, I think Sarah was more shaken up more than the dog.  Here's Lucy a Sheltie/ Corgi mix with her newly bandaged back feet.

As you might have gathered from all the fun and food we had this weekend our new way of eating didn't fair well.  Starting a new way of eating is not easy to do when you have three days of celebrations.  But this was just one weekend and it's over and we're back on the healthy train.  We also missed some work outs but we're starting back at week one on Monday morning.  We will just chalk this week up to a lesson.  Time to get food ready for the week.

God Bless--Rachel


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