Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hump Day

Happy Wednesday, It's the middle of the week kids, we're half way through this week.  YEAH!  So I work in a boring gray office so I have to amuse myself with silly things.  Like this...

 I found this dispenser at Goodwill for $6! It's super fun.  Battery operated, you just stick your hand in front of the spout and the goodies poor out.  Right now it has pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, and sliced almonds.  It's an easy way to have a healthy snack, and my boss loves it.  It's always good to keep your boss happy :)

Happy Meals 
Breakfast: Iced Coffee with coconut milk and oatmeal with blueberries and nuts from my super cool dispenser.
Lunch: Green smoothie, watermelon, and bean soup. 
 Dinner: I saw this on Pintrest and I couldn't wait to try it.
 Italian Wonderpot. All the ingredients go into the pot together and is done in about 20 minutes! Simple and delicious.
So I sort of read the ingredients and instructions and whipped something together.
This sausage is a new find at Trader Joes's so Adam grilled them up.
The burnt ones are mine :) I like mine blackened...seriously.
While the meat was cooking I threw everything else in a pot and let it boil. 
 I didn't add in the rice noodles until the end because they cook so fast.

That big patch of seasoning is what happens when the top on the garlic seasoning flies off.
So this might have been a little extra garlicky.

The finished dish complete with sausage, and fresh parmesan.

It was a great meal.  I'm looking forward to having it for lunch tomorrow.
Since it's the middle of the week, here's a mini Adam story.  So once upon a time we were watching the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan and Adam decided he wanted the rollover blades Cesar has.  There called Land Rollers see the video here .  But since they're so expensive he decided it would be better to make his own...yeah let that sit in.  Do I need to remind you of this incident ?  After a couple of days of banging around in the garage welcome to the premier of...DEATH SKATES!
So if you're thinking man these look like they'd be ridiculously would be correct.  He has spent almost two weeks on these things and when I mentioned that it would be cheaper just to buy the real things he let me know it wasn't about the money.  Even though that was the original point, I guess now it's personal.  This weekend when we were at Menards he was casing the wheels trying to find replacements.  If you were hoping that there would be a video...well there is but they are so heavy it's just a video of Adam standing there.  Haha I'll post a video when he gets the nerve to actually skate.
I leave you with that :) 

God Bless- R

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