Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Workout Monday

I should read this little diagram everyday. 

It wasn't too much of a struggle to work out today.  After a weekend of slacking off and eating terrible I was aching to do something healthy/ productive.  We had a terrible weekend health wise.  I'm kind of frustrated that our "first" week took a nose dive. We were not ready to face two family functions and a wedding.

I'm struggling with my negative thoughts today.  You know those ones that say things like; "you'll never be able to change" or "it isn't worth it, give up".  It's so daunting to think about the journey I need to take to loose 100lbs.    I'm the type of person who can't live in the now.  When I think about life I picture a time line.  In the time line I can see the outcome of every decision I make.  So what does this have to do with eating healthy?  Well all I see is the months of work, and the sweets I have to resist.  You would think I could see the outcome of healthy living, but my ESP apparently only works for negative thoughts.  So it's incredibly overwhelming to think about changing.  I'm not sure if anyone else thinks like that.  All I know is that today I worked out.  Today I've achieved the goals I laid out.  And when I go to sleep tonight I will be able to do so with a clear conscience.  I have to start making the best choice every time I have the option. 

Here's the official weigh in...

Neither one of us lost or gained a pound.  I'm disappointed that we didn't lose, but at least we didn't do so much damage that we gained weight. 

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