Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another productive weekend.

So I think I'm spending too much time with my dog.  Right now I'm at home all day and Pepper and I spend the entire time together.  We're pretty much like best friends now.

This is pepper on my leg, my leg isn't as big as it seems in the photo...don't judge me.
Enough about my strange relationship with my dog.  Here's a picture of our front door.  It and the shutters have needed a touch up since we moved in 3 years ago, and finally this weekend they got it. 
We ran to Lowes to pick out a color and magically we pointed at the same color.  It took us less than 30 seconds to pick a color, that has to be a record.  The truly weird part is that it's called Mark Twain Brick Gray.  What is that?  Since when does Mark Twain remind you of gray?  Whatever happened to Slate, or rock?

Since Adam HAD to buy the paint sprayer I'm going to make sure he uses it.  Here he is spraying the shutters with Mark Twain.
So something that you should learn from us...wasps like to live behind shutters.  Another lesson, is that even though the wasps are dead behind the first shutter doesn't mean they are behind the shutters that you have to be on a ladder to get to.   Lets just say Adam almost fell off the ladder as I was screaming "wasps! wasps!".  I try to be as helpful as possible.  Luckily Ant and Roach spray kills wasps, because that's the only bug spray we had and it may have come with the house. 
 While Adam painted the door Pepper stood guard.

And finally the finished product.
We do good work....I say we because I painted the part next to the door.  Hey I can be helpful.  So hopefully it will stop raining today and we can get the shutters out of my dinning room and back onto the house, yeah!
Have a great week.
God Bless


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