Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Traverse City post #1

The following is a review of our vacation.  We weren't paid for this so all opinions are truly ours.  Enjoy.  I'll break this up into two posts; activities and food.

A while back Adam and I escaped to Traverse City, Michigan for vacation.  I've heard my parent's and family friends talk about Traverse City and since we waited until the last minute to plan our vacation we decided to go somewhere close.  Adam is our deal finder.  He looked up all the hotels on the lake, we really wanted lake view.  Why go to the lake if you can't see it?  He found us The Beach Condominums.  We were shocked by how nice this place was.  It's very large for just two people, and we thought the price was reasonable.  Each of the rooms is a little different so look at the rooms before you book.  We stayed in 217.  It was so cute.

View from the doorway


Two views of the bathroom


Living Room


View from the balcony
The other thing to say about this place is the location.

You are minutes from downtown Traverse City.  And Traverse city is fun. 

Day 1
When we arrived it was gloomy and raining, but we got there after dinner and weren't planning on getting anything done the first night.  We simply sat on the balcony and watched the sun set against the water, not a bad thing.

Day 2
I woke up in time to see the sun rise and got Adam up too.

It was the perfect start to the week.  After breakfast we sat on the beach and were instantly surrounded by ducks looking for a hand out. 

Go Away ducks, lol.
Then we drove up the smaller peninsula.  There are so many wineries up there.  But Adam and I aren't big drinkers so we drove up to the tip and saw the light house. 
Then we realized we could walk to the tip of the peninsula, so we did.  

my shadow is not very flattering :)

"Quick take my picture before I fall in!"
It took about a half hour to walk the whole thing but it was pretty and the view at the end is totally worth the hike.  Of course we weren't "shoe prepared" for hiking so our feet were hurting by the time we found the car again. 

After we recovered from walking and had changed our shoes, we decided to walk some more :) I'm still not sure how that worked out.  We ended up at Jacobs Corn Maze to walk the maze.  It was hot, but not too bad.  We did half the maze and then got tired and found the quickest way out :)  We're too old for that. ha! 


After the maze we browsed the farmer's market and came away with some Saskatoon perseveres and Applesauce. 

Day 3
Spent the morning at the hotel just chillin.  We only left to get coffee.  Around 11 we left to go check out the Light of Day Tea

We got to participate in a tea tasting, and found two teas we had to have at home.  Happy Spleen Green and Vanilla Heaven.  Can't wait to get these home for tea time.

After lunch we went shopping for souvenirs.  Found some cherry products to try at home.  And a couple of sweatshirts for a steal.  We also stumbled upon the coolest little store.  It shares a door with a hair salon, and shares their space with a florist.  It's Terrarium Bar

How freakin' cool?  t was so meant to be because I have just expressed my love for Terrariums here. The store is set up with a DIY Terrarium bar.  Totally cute.  The employee gave us a great idea to hit up the area Goodwills and TJ Maxx to find cute jars.  We made a date to go back one before we left and pick up some air plants. woo woo!

At the end of the evening we decided to do something I had never done before.  We went to Turtle Creek Casino .  I was kind of nervous since I had never been in one, but it wasn't that bad.  Adam asked the cashier what we were supposed to do, yeah I know we're such rubes :) So we got a bunch of ones and lost them all on the penny slots.  It was kind of fun.  And I'm glad I got to experience it, but I don't get why people think casinos are fun.  But to each his own.  At the end of the night we smelled like cigarettes and felt really really young.  :)  which is not always a bad thing

Day 4
Spent the morning at TJ Maxx and Goodwill finding some fun glass jars for our new terrariums, yay! Then spent some time in the hotel pool, very nice.  Afterward we collected some sea shells for the terrariums.

Day 5
After breakfast we went to Park Shore Resort who hosts Break 'n Waves boat rental company.  They had the best kayak rental prices in town $10/ hr.  So we had fun kayaking around the bay for an hour.  Afterward we stopped at The Swan's Nest. 

This shop was probably the best souvenir shop we went in.  We literally couldn't find key chains anywhere but here.  We picked up some trinkets and fudge and some good tips.  I wish we would have stopped by this store first because the owner was very nice and full of good suggestions.  He told us to go to Sleeping Bear dunes.  So we stopped by the Terrarium Bar again to pick up my air plants and then we drove out to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.  Where we climbed the giant Dune. 

the big climb

It looks deceptively small.

Here is the view from the top. 

It was a killer climb:)  We drove around and finally got to the lake.
um the water was really really cold.
So in the end we would suggest Traverse as a fun place to vacation.  There is a ton we didn't do, and tomorrow I'll post about all the great food that we found.
God Bless


  1. this looks so fun! love all the stuff you did- especially the tea tasting, that is RIGHT up my alley! i've only been to one casino. it was a few months ago and i wanted to go in just to see what it was like. holy sensory overload! so many lights and noises and people, ha ha. it had a $5 minimum (!!!) so i only played one game and lost all $5. oh well, now I can say i've gambled? :)

    can't wait to read part 2!

    1. The casino was filled with old ladies smoking, lol, seriously with the sensory overload. And you would have loved the tea farm. it was quaint and they grow 50% of the ingredients on their farm for their tea, it was really neat