Saturday, September 14, 2013

What did you do on Saturday?

Saturday was one productive day.

Friday night I was totally pooped and went to bed at 8:30...I remember that bedtime as a child and thinking it was awful.  On Friday I crawled to bed at that time.  I don't know what could have possibly have made me that tired, must have been a little sick.  I woke up at 6:30 on Saturday raring to go.  I'm a morning person.  And by that I don't mean I like having conversations with people in the morning, as any of my past roommates can attest.  I like mornings because I naturally wake up early 7ish on most days and I have my alone time.  Like Saturday, I got up fed Pepper, made tea, and got out a blanket I started crocheting last year.  I got a whole row's a really wide blanket for Adam and I to use together on the couch.  I'll post about it someday when I get it done (hopefully this year).  That's what I love about mornings, in the quiet I always manage to get the most done.  Since Adam doesn't like to wake up early he would rather wake up at 11am (he's a night person), I had time to start organizing the garage this morning.  I was prepping for the day because Adam and I had agreed to paint all the doors in our house.  We've lived in this house 3 years and when we moved in we hung new doors and they haven't been painted yet!!! I was tired of it.  Plus Adam had just bought a power sprayer so I decided he should put it to good use.  After the garage was cleaned up I worked on my sewing machine table.  I've had this sewing machine for a year...maybe two and I had it mostly painted in green and then I decided I hated the color, so I painted part of it silver, and hated it.  So then I painted it dark blue and it was ok.  Then we got free samples of a light blue from Valspar called Dazzle and that's the color I finally liked.  It's good to know that after I painted it 4 times it was the free paint that I decided to like.  So here it is after 2 years I can finally use my sewing machine.  I painted the hinges and metal design white.   
This sewing machine was a cheap find at Salvation Army.  Adam had the sewing machine tuned up when we bought it's  just been sitting on the floor waiting for me to use it since then.  I have a t-shirt quilt started from 5 years ago just waiting to be sewn together.  Look for that in a post someday. 
So while I was painting this bad boy, Adam had finally woke up and was out front working on a contraption to help us paint the doors.  Adam is an inventive person.  This is his creation. 
 The dowel-rods make it adjustable for the different sized doors which was really helpful.  This is set up for the door to sit in the middle and be held on the sides by the screws covered with a plastic cap.  It took some adjustments but we got it to work.   
Adam sprayed all doors front and back, and once they were dry I rolled the sides.  The doors look so much better with a white coat.
Here's most of the doors  drying.  The ones on the far left are dry and waiting for me to get the sides done.
But as I said I'm a morning person.  By the time 3:00pm rolls around Adam is just getting into the swing of things, and I'm ready for a nap.  So this is what the rest of the afternoon looked like from my point of view.
 Adam would paint the front of a door while I read my favorite magazine. 
Then I would help him move the supporting bracket from the back to the front.  So he could paint the back of the door. 

Then I would go back to reading and watching him paint :)
I didn't really enjoy reading all about Halloween (I know I am one of the few that don't like this holiday), but it was better than spray painting.  Adam did a great job.  He finished 12 doors and two sets of double closet doors.  And as I write this up he's outside in the dark wearing a head lamp drying the last couple of doors with a heat gun.  That's right ladies he really is that awesome and he's all mine :)
I hope your Saturday was as productive as ours.  I will try to leave you with a smile.  So you can either picture Adam completely covered in paint overspray or you can check this out...
This is what used to be a sweet potato. Friday night I cleaned the pantry out. ha!
God Bless

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