Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Ok so in my last post I mentioned I had my Grandmother's buttons.  Let's show the super cool tin they were in again.

Isn't that neat :)

Now I wanted the buttons because I wanted to make something with them for all my aunts and cousins.  I wanted us all to share them.  I didn't think it was fair if just one person got them.  And I had met someone before that had a bracelet made out of her grandmother's buttons.  So I decided that's what I would do.

I spent an entire afternoon pouring over the buttons.  I was surprised how emotional I got.  It made me cry several times.  It just brought back so many memories of my grandma.  With all my aunts, cousins, mom and sister (and me) there are 13 of us.  So I separated the buttons into 13 piles.  I tried to do it as evenly as possible.

For all the girls I took elastic and made a bracelet out of it.  I originally tried 2 inch white, but didn't like the way it looked.

I settled on 1 1/2 inch wide black elastic.  I measured out 8 1/2 inches and folded over an inch and sewed it together, making the bracelet roughly 7 1/2 inches around.  Then I spent the next week sewing on buttons.  I think I poked my fingers with a needle at least 100 times (ok that's a slight exaggeration), but you get the point.  By the end I was one mean button sewer.  Here's some of the finished bracelets.

This one is mine.
When the bracelets were done I flipped them inside out and used glue to secure the knots.  After I used this glue Adam read the back where it clearly states not to use on fabric...oh well.

Here is one all finished in it's box ready to be wrapped up.

When I got to the last two piles of buttons and I had an issue.  I have two male cousins and I didn't think they'd enjoy a bracelet but I wanted them to have some of grandma's buttons too.  So after thinking about it for some time and coming up with nothing in an act of desperation I typed in "manly buttons" into Pintrest, lol the things you'll do when desperate.  And it actually paid off.  I saw a coaster made of resin with beer bottle caps sunk into it.  And I knew what I had to do.  So I did a bunch of Pintrest research and learned how to use resin.

Then I went out and bought this from Hobby Lobby.

And I had some leftover buttons that weren't very exciting and didn't fit on the bracelets so I did two test coasters.  Now the major issue I had was that I found this idea on Thursday and had to get it done by the following Monday.  If you know anything about resin, it usually takes a couple of days to set up.  So I didn't have very long to figure out how to make these.  My main problem was finding the molds to make the coasters.  I wanted to make 4 coasters for each guy so I needed to make 8 all at once.  The craft stores nearby didn't have 8 molds and it wasn't practical to by them online because they wouldn't get shipped in time.  So started searching for anything that would make a good mold. And after a lot of searching I decided to try two of these pans.

These are muffin top tins bought from the local kitchen supply store.  The first test coasters I made I coated the tin in Vaseline and after 12 hours of curing the coasters popped right out.  The only issue was the Vaseline left swirls on the top of the coasters that will need to be buffed out.  My husband pointed out that the pans were non stick so I tested one more coaster without coating the pan with anything and again after 12 hours it popped right out.  So then it was time do the actual coasters and I was so nervous I would screw it up.  We made up a little bit of resin and coated the bottoms of the coasters(which once you flip them out is really the top) and let it harden for a couple of hours then set the buttons in so no air bubbles would get trapped between them and the bottom.  Then I had a really hard time waiting to pour the rest of the resin.  Adam said I should wait longer but I got impatient and mixed up the rest of the resin and poured in on.  In hindsight I should have waited because the buttons ended up getting pushed down and some went through the resin on the bottom.  But it's not a major crisis.

Here's what the finished products looked like.  Sorry for the poor pictures.  It was kind a of hectic time when I was finishing these.  In the end the coasters worked out and now all my aunts and cousins have something else by which to remember their grandma.

And I will have some other resin projects to share with you in the future.

God Bless

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