Monday, December 28, 2015

Adam's Christmas gift

We had a wonderful Christmas.  If you don't count the fire in the oven on Christmas morning...first time I ever had to use an extinguisher.  Adam and I had a nice Christmas morning opening up our gifts for each other.  Adam spoiled me with books and I got him this weird computery thing called a microcontroller aka Arduino.  As far as I can tell it's a box of computer parts that he uses to make lights flash.  It doesn't sound like fun to me, but he's having a blast.  We're both nerds, I'm just an old school book nerd, and he's a new school computer nerd.  :)

We also decided to make a gift for each other.  Tomorrow I'll share what Adam made me, but for today I'll share the afghan I made him.  I had been spending a lot of time crocheting granny squares for an afghan I wanted, when I came across this pix-elated picture of Adam's favorite Ninja Turtle Michelangelo.

Michelangelo Ninja Turtle perler bead pattern:

And I couldn't resist.  Now let me tell a little bit about myself.  I'm kind of a dufus sometimes.  Case in point: I added up how many squares of each color I would need, I decided to make the background color gray instead of white (figured it would stay cleaner longer), and I went to town making  granny squares.  Now that's all well in good, but in my head I was thinking I would make a small lap blanket for him, but I never measured out how big it would be.  If I had,  I probably would have made smaller squares, which means it would have been finished in half the time.  But when I finally got all the squares done I started laying them out and I had to use our queen sized bed because the blanket was so big.  This is when I realized my lack of planning had resulted in a giant blanket.  Ugh I am a dufus.

Starting to lay it out.

Look I filled up our entire bed, and the blanket is only half laid out...oy.

I then looked up different ways to join the squares and I picked the zipper method as described on this website.

Once the first half was put together it was time to start on the second half.

 And here is the second half all laid out.

Now I had to hang the world's largest lap blanket on the half-wall to get a picture of the whole thing.  At this point all the columns were stitched together, and then I had to do the rows.  The rows took a lot longer than the columns.

And for reference here's a photo with Adam and Pepper underneath, enjoying the warmth.  I guess instead of a lap blanket I created a blanket the whole family can enjoy :)  Also I completed the afghan with one row of black single stitch.

Remember when you're making an afghan plan ahead, or you can end up with the world's largest blanket ;)

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